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Look, seriously. I’m all for olive branches and peace in any form I can get it. See, listen:

*In my Tina Turner/AngelaBassett“What’s Love Got To Do With It” voice (however it’s spelled)*


Yo. It’s seems as though our girl Rihanna RANG K’s NUMber, for a little pep talk and CURE for getting over the Chris Brown blues:


“Put on you highest strappy heels and hit the town.”

Now exactly when Rihanna was to have allegedly reached out to Karrueche and said this [within these past couple of weeks since news broke out about Chris Brown having fathered a new baby], is beyond us, but the fact of the matter is: OK Magazine says she did. [quote]:

“Kae was so suspicious and convinced she was calling to gloat, but in fact Rihanna was incredibly sweet and was key in encouraging her to put on her highest strappy heels and hit the town – something Kae’s done and it’s totally worked a treat.” [unquote]

Hey. I’m all for that-allll for the unity of girl power *claps*


But listen. It’s like this with me.

In my rabbit-minded days, I’ve been the side chick and I’ve been the main chick. Furthermore, I’m a woman-I know all game in the game of “women.”

Hey. I’m fair. But I’m sincere. I’m a sincerity glutton actually.

I toss out honesty and sincerity ‘cause I want that back.330347-f6cbc990-cb59-11e4-a028-65bfa3bc1db2

That being said, it’s like this with me (rules of sort, I should say—to preface my end point about Rihanna allegedly approaching Karrueche).

For lack of a better word, these “rules” are—unspoken rules that, when they happen; in my head–I have this side head tilt and nose squint that’s claaaaaaaaassic-I tell ya.

And these “rules” come from the notion or question I have whenever somebody is bringing to me-something they want to convince me of, believe, or consider. I always need a sincere frame of reference I can refer to when something’s brought to me under the guise of sincerity.

Here are [2 of my] rules of frames of positive/sincere reference:

1) How can you show me why or how I’m a failure and not be able to show me how or where I excel/fly?

Nobody should be able to have a critique that affects you in any way, shape, form, or fashion unless they can too, show you your prowess or point you to where praise is due you. You should never ever accept the critique or judgment of the negative without ever being given the positive (too), because trust me, there is at least one positive that can be found—even if there are ten negatives. If they can’t hand you your positive with the same zeal as your negative, then they never cared or concentrated on your good and therefore-don’t mean you well. (The positive they hand you should be with just as much passion/concern/interest/knowledge and as well-thought out as the negative).

*Squints nose with head titled to the side*

 2) Never let “Congratulations!” come before Encouragement.

This rule applies to people who know you personally.

With the exception of general/expected accomplishment or feats i.e., graduating, etc., “Congratulations!” is a sentiment only acceptable by strangers and people who don’t know you or have never had any personal connection to you.

Strangers who don’t know you are allowed to meet and greet you where you’re at. People who know you greet you from where you were–while where you’re “at.”

If encouragement or well wishes never, ever superseded “congratulations!” that congratulations is null and void. As well, any conversation whatsoever even about the journey, the fears, the tears, the stresses, the challenges, the terrain, the ups, the downs and the triumphant: All off limits. It’s just not a conversation to be had with people you know personally that never once offered you a word of encouragement or support. I’m the type that would flat out ignore you. Keep it natural and “as was” during the journey. So helpfully you were with me in spirit, on phone, or in person.

*Squints nose with head titled to the side*

My thinking is: Why would you congratulate someone at the end to the means of a process that you obviously knew was in place–one that I never got one word of encouragement/well-wish from you on? That’s weird to me and total misuse of sincerity and time.

No one should be that bold, or that desperate, or that stupid enough to congratulate the homie, friend, or relative whose grind paid off-if while during, they never offered one word of encouragement or well-wish of any kind. My thing is: If you pretended to not know the grind was in motion, then treat the shine the same way too–like you don’t know it’s now moving things. Just act like you are blinded by it and you don’t even see it. Be natural now, like what did (or did not) flow naturally from you-then. Go with the flow and come what may (or nothing). My thinking is: Can you handle my still being as-was to you? ‘Cause I can do that, the question is: can you, though?

downloadSo what does all that have to do with what Rihanna (allegedly) said to Karrueche?


About the Leonardo DiCaprio rumors that she and him are/have been creeping around together, Rihanna just said it herself in interview: “Stay off the blogs, they will screw you every time.”

Having said that…(simply for shock value, and reads); let’s just hope Ok Magazine was bored and made up that olive branch of a story they said she extended to Karrueche.

Because in “girl speak”………….honey-child:

We alllllllllll know the side chick/main chick game.

And at one time Kae was the side chick when Rihanna was the main and other times, Kae was the main and Rihanna was the side.


chrisAlllll women know (or should know) that in the game of “women:”

When one chick (side or main) is broken up with the dude and the other side reaches out to her, she’s merely happy that they both don’t have the dude. Come on now.

The only exception to that rule is this (sort of like my 2-rule examples of positives and sincere frames of reference):

If during our wrangles and triangles, (that’s key: What occurred DURING determines what I can accept as sincere from you after the fact)…So…if during [our triangle and wrangles] the chick never reached out to me to make it clear that there are no issues with me, then how in the hell can she (or should she) reach out to me when not only is she not with the dude anymore; but I’m not either—yet, she chops it up with me like we’re chums! And to top it off: Offers me friendly “homegirl” advice?


*Squints nose with head titled to the side*

“Quit it biiiiiiiiiiiii|tch.”1982123_10201926117098691_2065008886_n

I’m just not one someone would want to try their new-leaf turnovers or bouts of change and “positivity” on.

I’m a: “put it in practice for a while-then come to me with that kinda stuff so I know it’s real” kinda girl. I can feel the difference. But hey…I’m gracious and have mastered the art of being fake-gracious to fake-sincerity (trust me on that via my 2 words for my 2 rules):

“Gee. Thanks.”

*bats lashes fast and rolls my eyes in my head*

But in my head:


It all seems premeditated-the lyrics to his very own homie’s song “Fight Night” playing overhead /in the club:


Broke n|%%as stand to the left
My rich n|%%as stand to the right
Lil’ mamma, she keep looking at me
I’m a knock the “_ _$$y”  out like fight night

Hit it with the left
Hit with the right
I’m a knock the “_ _$$y”  out like fight night

Welp. As you can see on the tape (when you press the image), the broke n|%%as were indeed standing to the left, but as someone pushed “to the right,” “rich n|%%a” rapper Drake, heeeeeeee the “_ _$$y” that “got knocked out like fight night,” right?”

Well he didn’t exactly get knocked out, but he sure as hell got handled: FANhandled that is.

drake dubai tmz

The handsome lad and popular rapper seemed to be pretty excited about his visit to Dubai (by invite-to be a special guest to the royal family). But according to some footage [handed over to our TerMiteZ friends] the night life wasn’t as royal to the rapper.


While at a nightclub in Dubai this past Saturday (after performing), he got hassled by some random club-goer at Movida nightbclub. The footage shows the rapper walking through the crowd when another club goer insisted on [treating him like a “_ _$$y”?] and just…..grabbed the back of his head and pushed it down–a bit too hard…



Well Drake’s reaction was such that he turned to get a look at the guy (with a death stare), then from there-a scuffle ensued and was going on even as Drake was walking away……..(and watching while his goons probably manhandled lil’ cuz something terrible—I’m sure).

Welp. Although they weren’t on their job enough that such a thing even happened…I’m guessing: as long as they did their job after words, they kept their jobs, right?

Z’at how it goes, right?

images (22)So the words of the day are:

  • Appeal


  • Amend


Alright now, as we reported last week (regarding the Blurred Lines case), Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke lost the case when it was found that [the song] Blurred Lines did indeed infringe upon the copyright rights of Marvin Gaye’s music-which in turn, cost them both $7.3 million dollars.




At first, T.I. (the rapped on the song) made of with his $700k check and left alone.



As well, even after the lawsuit and win, the Gaye heirs noticed that Pharrell’s song “Happy” had a striking resemblance to the late Marvin Gaye’s “Aint it Peculiar” but (at the time) said (on live television), they were not going to concentrate on suing regarding that song [but obviously just wanted to throw it out there that they noticed the striking resemblance].




What a difference a week makes, because [as reported possible] Williams and Thicke are indeed appealing the loss and now, even T.I is thrown back in the bag!

The Gaye family heirs are now pursuing amending the motion of liability that once set T.I. free-and are now going after his record label.


I know. I know.

It sounds weird doesn’t it-that he (who had nothing to do with producing the track found to be guilty of being stolen from Marvin Gaye’s “Got to Give it Up,”) can still be made liable too.images (1)

How so?

Welp. If Robin Thicke (who sang the song on the track) can be sued (equally as Pharrell-who actually produced/stole the track) then as well, T.I.’s creative involvement [and part in the song being the success-and money that it made-was: his RAP/rapping on it]—can be sued too.


This is getting nasty.

Welp. I’m thinking.

Since Thicke and Williams are appealing, and while the Gaye heirs are amending their decision to not make T.I liable;  they’ll probably sue Pharrell (yet again) for “Happy” infringing on “Aint it Peculiar.”

What say you?

This is what you call: honing in on your skills early.

Just know that when this little grows up and hits the social media scene claiming DJ or producer; it won’t be because she selected a random interest that puts her in the lime for shine-no…she’s got footage and grind. LoL.

She claimed this early and even has an ear for it before she could understand anything else!

LL header


Check out her right hand, face, and……. “bass.”


Have at the inspiration behind her inspiration: The actual song and video of LL Cool J’s “Going Back to Cali”

Babies, babies galore!

One thing for certain and two-for sure: it’s hard to maintain continuity in your career while entering various stages of a life evolving. I can only imagine with having a public career-that agonizing and nagging question: to breed or not to breed?

Often times you find that (like with most anything) agonizing over the question to do, or not do a thing will definitely leave it undone (from overthinking).

Quite a few of your favorite celebs can serve as inspiration to others (whether their career ins public or private) how whether planned or unplanned, going half on a baby certainly has its benefits: The multiplication and extension of seed and family has its rewards for the greater later.

As you well know (and we reported), Chris Brown, 25, is a new father (and despite public scrutiny and situations surrounding), he’s embracing life as a new dad, with his sex appeal uncompromised by incident. Although we know as of yesterday, he embraced being a father (via post and dispose), we have yet to produce the picture of the young lad literally embracing his baby girl, the fact of the matter is: he’s embraced the fact that she is here and his. That’s a start!


Our guy producer Swizzz Beatz, 36, and musician Alicia Keys, 34, just gave birth to second son together (Genesis) in December by which their (now) four year-old son Egypt now has a playmate he can bounce balls with.

Until then, he’ll have to settle beating his dad Swizzz on the court for a few more nights until Genesis is unwrapped, cuddled and able!



Former Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland, 34, (who just gave birth to her 1st child this past November 2014) just opened up and shared her tiny tot Titan with the world and unto the pages of Essence magazine’s April issue where the Motivation singer talks about her eventful 2014 where everything that could go right and blissful did: Her wedding and birth of her son. And too, where everything that could turn dismal-did: The death of her mom the month after the birth of her child.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


“My road to happiness hasn’t been an easy one. It hasn’t been peachy all the time, but I am so, so happy,” she told Essence.

Rowland adds that she is surrounded by so much love from family and friends like Beyonce, Solange and her husband Tim Witherspoon who she says is her top priority:

“My priority is my husband first. That’s how the baby got there.”


Quite a few other celebs are finding time to breed and be-without incident. Here are just a few (of the many) written up here at Other Side of the Fame, who have:

Ricky Martin

Christina Aguilera


Lil Kim

Tia and Tamera Mowry

and more!

While Rihanna’s up, up, and away from this old Chris Brown-Karrueche love triangle-over in France on the steps of Versailles and getting in her life, former nemesis Karrueche Tran takes to the cameras of life coach Iyanla Vanzant’s seeking to fix hers.

0306-karrueche-nia-instagram-3As you may well know, all the gossip of the past couple of weeks has been about this daughter of Chris Brown’s conceived with a woman who’s hung out with Karrueche in the same circle [that didn’t get stand a chance of becoming a “love triangle and wrangle]  because this time, Tran……..pulled out: quickly.


Although she’s been seen out on the scene continuing to get her life after finding out longtime boyfriend Chris Brown fathered a child (a now) 9 month old child named Royalty, that not only caught Karrueche by surprise but to all of social media; left her looking like the peasant in all of this.

In walks Iyanla Vanzant with her emotional thread, needle and scissors to help mend Karrueche’s wounds and stitches. Check out the previews for the segment scheduled to air next Saturday on OWN:

Meanwhile though, back to life and responsibility (and Chris having acknowledged his); despite tweeting (and 2 minutes later) deleting this adorable pic:Chris-Browns-Daughter-Royalty-Deleted

…his new baby girl “Royal” got royal treatment and love from her daddy yesterday: a visit to see her superstar dad on the tour bus while making a stop in Houston (where the child resides) while on his Between the Sheets tour.

The baby girl is seen here being held by an unknown fella while the baby’s mother (Nia) heads to the bus with her teenaged daughter (behind her) in tow as well:



imagesSeems as though Chris Brown is settling into fatherhood quite well, because just like an authority figure, the new dad took to the pages of his social media account to offer his ex Karrueche some sagacious advice about her online shenanigans when she posted a pic of herself on the beach with a caption that read:

I’m president of the Itty Bitty committee #ThirstyTuesday.

Chris kindly interrupted to offer his ex this itty bitty of advice:

“#Thirst trap101 Continue to be a lady beautiful … U are perfect…don’t let the Thot form from anger.”



Is that enough to tempt your date buds?

Well if so, she just announced her US & Canada tour dates. Check ’em out!



I know. I know…Hold ur horses. Things look different right now here at  and (with the exception of the blog posts) everything else is gonna be really scattered about and kooky. Bare with us, it’s just temporary…during migration :/


Image  —  Posted: March 17, 2015 10:22 am in (Main Carousel) all blogs on OSF

Sure, the word “leaked” is slowly becoming the annoying choice [of word-for lack of a better one] for things making its way out to the public and fans. But this “leak” here is hardly anything to write home about and one such Ray J couldn’t be too proud of having—leaked out.

You know, let astrology tell it-then let the record state that Ray J did the Capricorniest sh|t ever.

Known as the “money” sign, whose astrological motto is “I use”(see chapter 3) ,  any good astrology book would give you the best analogy and visual of a Capricorn (whose symbol is a goat) as that goat being the sure-footed animal with the tough leather feet climbing his way up the mountain through all terrain.

And Capricorn (being protective of, progressive in, and work-horsedly productive at securing, maintaining and protecting their reputation, career and status) this leaked video footage of [Capricorn] Ray J could sure as hell makes him the poster child for Capricorn at its darkest and worst behavior. article-0-12ED22B6000005DC-931_468x723

As well all know , just before Whitney Houston died, the guy we had been seeing her but hanging out with was non-other than singer “Brandy’s brother” Ray J. Although the pop diva has gone on to glory, outside of the pre-Grammy catfight between Houston and Stacy Francis (reportedly over Ray J); no one really knew too much about Whitney and Ray J—not even that he was seeing Whitney Houston as far back as when he was dating Kim Kardashian [during the time of the sex tape scandal].kimrayj_0

Turns out, he actually was seeing the pop diva even then and according the voice on the audio tape said to be that of Ray J’s, he was seeing both Kim K and Whitney back and forth but under no uncertain terms was either girl under the impression they had anything exclusive with him.

According to Sir Mackness Ray J: both had to accept that he was disloyal and there was nothing either could do about it.

ray-j-whitney-houstonAlthough the oddly yoked pair were dating, it wasn’t well-received by many because it was believed Ray J was dating Whitney to further his career.

As well the taped confessional reveals Ray J speaking about being unhappy during the time he was with Whitney and knowingly playing with her mind to get him where he wanted to be in his career.kim-kardashian-ray-j-2-22-12-e1342701869108

Despite mentioning (several times) being unhappy, Ray J states that at the time the Kim K tape was poppin’ and via Whitney, he was getting all kinds of press (because of Whitney) still, despite shaking hands with people he otherwise would not have; he was “unhappy.”


Check this out:



No, not all men strategize in this fashion per se. Actually, men who are really + truthfully serious about a woman are usually like this.

On the flip side of that, it’s like I said it once and I’ll say it again (because women tend to take daggers at, and hold grudges and hatred against other women who put them on to game and the game of men regarding love/life/relationship unless they:

  • look like Aunt Jemima
  • give the lessons like such from behind a religious or commercially known spiritual “buffer”
  • and if you’re attractive-you’d better already be rich and famous on a large scale

…because other than that-women will hate you twice over general cattiness of women. From a man without incident, anger, hatred or cattiness, they’ll listen to/consider and even accept [the very same straight to the point/no buffer or bullsh|t lessons I give] .

Not all women are like that, though. Many women are level-headed and whether they consider it, accept the real-they can still heed the message without hating the messenger. So that is who I speak to: those women. And where I can, when I can, I put those women up on the game of “man” willingly and gladly.

So to that I say this. Whether women want to accept or believe it as true, get pissed at the messenger or not: men are farrrrr more particular, premeditated, and idealistic about love and relationships than women will ever think they are. Whether a man is a Capricorn or not-it’s just how they wheel and deal and live this game of life, love, and relationship.

rayj lol tweet

Video  —  Posted: March 17, 2015 1:33 am in (Main Carousel) all blogs on OSF, {{--> OSF Channel 8: Late Night at OSF with ANG

It’s a law of power (that I’ll sum up in my own words):

To alleviate shame-do more of the same.

And well Amber Rose is on a crusade riding the waves of it all.


Now as you know, a couple weeks ago while Amber was away on vacay, after a radio interview Kanye did where he “slut shamed” MuvaRose (by saying he had to take 30 showers after Amber to get Kim), surprisingly, Amber took it all in stride (and most probably adhered to that trump tight confidentiality agreement that even post-Kanye; has no expiry date). Instead, she turned the other…cheek (literally) and is showing her a&& when she can-where she can.

  “U Guys Love Slut-Shaming Huh? Good. I feed off that sh–. #HowtobeAbadBitch.”



The diss certainly didn’t go dismissed when soon after Kanye, her own “baby daddy” (slash)  ex-husband:  rapper Wiz Khalifa has been on his own crusade publicly sneak dissing Rose as well.

That’s okay though, because Amber is adhering to every law of power possible:

Fight hate with love.

When you get lemons, make lemonade.

Build something with the bricks thrown at you.

And mine: Alleviate shame with more of the same.


As you may (or may not know) although (on her radio interview) she did more talking about all things other than the book she will soon be promoting but the fact of the matter is: She is promoting the (soon to be released) book appropriately called “How to Be a Bad Bitch.”

As apart of her campaign (against what she just publicly went through), she has been on a full on campaign against the slut shame—building with those bricks thrown at her.

“I want yall to stop hating on other women. We gotta stick together. These n*ggas don’t give a f*ck about us.”-Amber Rose


Going full steam ahead, MuvaRose is currently organizing a “Million Man March” of sorts by putting together something called an #AmberRoseSlutWalk as defined (and quoted by her):


My Slut Walk will be about every Woman Equality issue we deal with everyday u can walk and make signs for the issues ur passionate about. I’m in the beginning stages of putting this together but with ur help this could be an amazing liberating experience for us women. Stay tuned for more info in weeks to come. #AmberRosesSlutWalk ❤️


Although I highly doubt “Auntie Viv” (Janet Hubert of “The Fresh Prince”) will be joining Amber in her Slut Walk, she does share the same sentiments and had a few words to say to Charles Barkley, Kanye and other men who (like him) slut shame (or-in Auntie Viv speak): “degrade women.”

I’ve had this on my desk for a quite some time, and now is as good a time as any to whip it on out:




In the meantime, rock out to my favorite Redman CD atop the OSF big screen.

I picked this interlude for this blog because it popped right in my head as I was writing it.

I loved this CD. I’m very busy right now but i will post my absolute faves from this CD.

Good times in life and music when this CD was out 🙂

Video  —  Posted: March 15, 2015 6:26 pm in (Main Carousel) all blogs on OSF, Popular Culture (Lifestyles, Social Media, Worldwide Popular Culture)

Aint this a woman cat for ya:

…Catty as EVER!

I know, right!?

No, it’s not her cat (“Meredith”) but Taylor Swift took it all in stripe stride when Meredith left one of her lengthy gams scratched bruised (probably behaving like that).

It was just last week it was being reported that (and as legend has it throughout entertainment history-rumored about countless celebs’ body parts) Swifts gams were insured for a whopping $40 million dollars.

After being scratched by her cat she posted:



She later wrote on the bandage-a reminder (of that thing that cats do): “MeOW” and captioned: “Couldn’t help but make it into a pun, could I…”


Read on:

CAKIfmfUQAA0cXbAn arrest has been made in connection with the shooting of two police officers in Ferguson, Missouri, officials said Sunday afternoon, NBC News reported. “An arrest has been made in connection with the shooting of two police officers in #Ferguson. Thank you for your help,” the St. Louis County Police Department said in a tweet just after noon local time. The shooting last Thursday left two cops wounded, one with a bullet still lodged in his head.



…and here for live coverage

1740888_431499500336206_967122885_nOk so, this new deal was necessary as, seeing (and our blog-dropping) Rihanna on covers of magazines was……(I’ll be the first to admit it) was sorta….. getting……….redundant basically, I know-right? It’s like. We KNOW Rihanna does covers like NOBODY does or can.

Just like nobody does this blog thing like OSF okay? We sometimes use all mental, emotional, spiritual and creative devices and faculties we have–like..the most recent Rihanna cover drop-all pics…I mean, we had to be totally I had to be creative.

Doing so involved spicing up her being on the cover [of Harper’s Bazaar China] with ambiance and “feel” of China by first changing the blog title header to include “Shanghai spread.” From there, we set your viewing the hot fashion spread to music befitting the pics.

Yeah, *thumbs up*

*wipes sweat from forehead and flour from my nose*

OSF’s brands a niche and does things different and differently around these parts guys-so we gotta represent when we present ya know.

Ok so, well…here Rih go again?


*Deep sigh*

*Drops shoulders*

Anoooooooother cover. (Another “Rihanna” cover,that is).

*blows bangs*

But wait!

This stands alone and comes with all the bells and whistles and missiles!!!!!!!!!!!!

In addition to Christian Dior’s spring print campaign, Rihanna will star in the fourth epi of Dior’s “Secret Garden” video series (filmed by Steven Klein) at the actual Palace of Versailles Chateaude Versailles (you know, the dainty/damsel-like video series with the models running around like lost maidens dressed in Dior gowns around the palace of Versailles). Well…entre vous, mademoiselle: Rihanna (merci beaucoup)



Via Versailles, she will be in the next one of these:

That’s not all regarding this step-up of a feat on something new Rihgarding a Rihanna cover.

This also remarks the very first time a black woman has ever appeared in/for the French brand.

Here are some other times Rihanna has adorned herself in Christian Dior. She’s earned her feat, eh? Check her OUT:

I’m not a big fan of chocolate chips and prefer peanut butter (chips) through to any other kind of chip instead, that doesn’t mean my readers don’t like chocolate chips.

One thing we can agree on is pancakes, syrup and bananas, right?

Well have at this breakfast recipe-easy like Sunday morning:


Read on:

Angie Dudley, a.k.a Bakerella, is the author of the New York Times best-selling book Cake Pops and creator of Bakerella.com. Visit PEOPLE.com on Fridays for her sweet spin on celebrity recipes and more.

Who loves pancakes for breakfast? And chocolate, too? I know I do.

And sometimes, you just have to indulge. That’s why I decided to give Nigel Barker’s Banana Pancakes a chocolatey twist.

Mini chocolate chips melt perfectly into the batter, but the real secret is saving some to melt and drizzle on top right before eating.
I also ditched the whole-wheat flour and used a little more sugar to up the decadence. I know. I know. The former America’s Next Top Model judge probably wouldn’t approve — but these pancakes are good.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Use a measuring cup to pour the pancake batter on your frying pan or griddle to ensure similarly sized pancakes.

Chocolate Chip Banana Pancakes

Makes 12 pancakes

1½ cups flour
2 tbsp. sugar
2 tsp. baking powder
¼ tsp. salt
1 egg, beaten
1 cup milk
2 tbsp. butter, melted and cooled (plus more to grease pan)
1 tsp. vanilla
⅔ cup bananas, mashed (about 2 large bananas)
1 cup miniature chocolate chips, divided
Sliced bananas (optional)

1. In a medium bowl, combine flour, sugar, baking powder and salt. In a separate bowl, mix egg, milk, melted butter, vanilla and mashed bananas.

2. Stir flour mixture into banana mixture (batter will be slightly lumpy). Stir in ½ cup miniature chocolate chips.

3. Heat a lightly greased griddle or frying pan over medium-high heat. Pour ¼ cup batter on griddle for each pancake. Cook until pancakes are golden brown on both sides. Top with sliced bananas, if desired.

4. Melt remaining ½ cup (cont’d)


Ashanti and MeredithSinger Ashanti stopped by former The View co-host Meredith Vieira’s talk show where the two ladies proceeded to talk about relationship and trust.

Ashanti shared [an obscure and vague peep] into what one can assume was the demise of the unclaimed, full-on relationship that neither she, [and especially Nelly] never officially confirmed.

“I think sometimes when people have their own insecurities, it allows them to act out of character. I’m not really a big fan of people being cowards and …you just have to know what you want and get it,” said Ashanti.

Despite the fact that Nelly or Ashanti never officially went on record as “a couple” for ten whole years, Ashanti wearing Nelly’s chain + pics of the pair together (as a couple) were the only notes to toll their reality and serve as proof of a relationship [being so], regardless.


6th Annual DKMS Linked Against Blood Cancer Gala - Inside ashanti-nellyThe two were linked on again, off-again since 2003 after they met at a pre-Grammy party but according to our friends a People, in 2008 Nelly did state: “I think it’s always serious. When you can hang with a person continuously … and still have fun.”

*confused face*

…well (as obscure and vague a statement as that was) that was as close to proof of relationship as we’d ever gotten out of Nelly and even since then, we made due with more pics of the pair as the only confirmation needed.

(For now, I’ll let yous read and rock with this tidbit, and I’m going to bookmark this subject/type of thing as one to discuss for OSF’s relationship/sex category for later).

Back to the write up for now:

At any rate.
Finally, (after all these years and rumors of cheating on both sides) Ashanti [lead on to what caused the breakup?] when sitting with Meredith-offering her the tidbit (of info) and too, stating: “I’ve (not: I’d/I had) been betrayed” …while sitting with Meredith and expressing she was currently “in a different place right now.”

Although the pair officially split in 2012 they still, respectively, work in the same field which obviously means they may bump into one another (occasionally) like in this 2013 interview by Ashanti who (around 3:41 minute of the interview-whether written in or off record) asked her ex about what he looks for in a girl:


Fast forward.

The singer-actress has appeared on episodes of Army Wives and other shows. As well, scheduled for a later release this year, she will also appear in a movie called: Stuck.


As if being the winners of Yahoo’s honorary Most Dramatic Couple Award wasn’t enough to be thankful for, and ride off into the sunset to, unhappy couple Pam Anderson and Rick Salomon are at it again.pamela-anderon-and-rick-saloman-photo_rocstar_cpr_fame-flynet-other-side-of-the-fame1

We just reported to you a couple of weeks ago that Pamela kicked everybody out of the house: Rick, his two daughters (and the dog) with Rick in need of about another two weeks before he was financially able to haul a%%.

images Well according to reports, there were court documents released this week showing Anderson having taken out a restraining order on Rick along with Rick having stated the former “Baywatch” babe was a [quote] “serial baby killer” [unquote].

_pam-anderson-In the court docs filed for her order of protection, Anderson claims Salomon sent her a series of emails accusing her of having a number of abortions during their marriage.

[down to the typo, and sentence structure-quote]: “I did not no she was a serial baby killer to her husbands…she should be locked up” [unquote].

As well, he claims that while they were married and reconciled (before having almost gotten a divorce for the third time of Pam’s filing), Anderson, 47, begged him to impregnate her then terminated the pregnancy (as some point during their tugs of war?)

pamela_andersonand kid rockAdditionally, Anderson turned over text messages from Salomon that read: “You never disclosed to me that you &%&%^(^ a baby when you were married to kid rock. I heard you begged him to get pregnant with him too. I also heard it might have also been twice with him!”

Believe it or not, somewhere in this thing, (serial marryer?) Pamela and rocker Kid Rock were indeed married from August 2006 to February 2007.

Salomon and Anderson were married in October 2007 and got the marriage annulled two months later-only to wed again in January 2014 while (during this tug of war) Pamela gave herself a birthday present to remember: went through with the divorce on July 3, 2014.


These two just won’t evolve. Hell…we even stick ’em with the same header practically each story!

At any rate.

The rubber-band romance wranglespam-and son pam-and son2 doesn’t stop there.

Anderson also claimed that Salomon spat on her and tried to strangle her during sex just this past January. Additionally, (according to her) Salomon has snapped at her with vulgar insults like calling her an “old ugly b|itch’ and a “crack whore.”

Guys…can’t you just see Pamela telling you this story in her high-pitched voice and way>

At any rate.

Forty-seven year old Salomon struck back and too: by filing for annulment claiming fraud.

Via another one of the emails Anderson turned over to the officials, despite her being a well-noted  PETA advocate, Rick claims she cooks pork for her sons (insensitively so?)–despite the fact that he (Salomon) has had a pet pig for 10 years now and mentioned Anderson stinks up the house when the PETA advocate eats fish and shrimp!

Despite the drama she’s going through right now, Pamela peeked her head out earlier this this week and brought along with her- a new date to the LA premier of The Gunman: 18 year-old Brandon!


5794ce4e8470f4b5a0952734416c75daHold your horses guys……..Brandon is 17 year-old Dylan-who are both son’s of Pamela Anderson with whom she shares with rocker Tommy Lee (whom she was married to from February 1995 and divorced from in 1998 and even since then, re-dated, somewhere in between their separations while married and after they divorced.

Seriously-guys. I can’t make these things up. I’m not that good.


Although my novel site’s slogan quote and self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts I wrote:

“Building an Empire from Goals of Mine with a Gold Mine, and No Gold Mines Brick By Brick at a Time”

…may have been the inspiration for the title of Fox Television’s hottest prime time Wednesday night drama right now (“Empire”) 🙂

…who says that somebody having already built one can be on one?Screenshot_2015-03-14-22-06-20

Entre vous Lady O who, according to Lee Daniels, may be joining the hit television show (created by Lee Daniels, 55)-whom was under the direction of in his Oscar nominated movie The Butler.empire-cast

In an chat interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Daniels reveals “I’m wearing her down!”

Oprah, 61, added “I tell him, ‘Lee, it’s not enough that you’ve taken every viewer possible on Wednesday night.  Now you want me to leave my own network?'”

common-oprah-empireWhat a difference a few days make, eh? Although at the time he interviewed with THR, plans were no solidified, just days later, Daniels confirmed the woman at the head of the Harpo Productions empire will indeed appear on Empire.

While at the time, deal wasn’t solidified yet, Daniels had big plans for Winfrey’s inclusion, as he said just days later that the mogul will indeed appear on Empire.

On March 12, Daniels told Access Hollywood “Yes. Yeah. She’s gonna be on it.”

As well, Daniels revealed that he is also writing a role for hip hop artist Common who (along with John Legend) as you all know, just recently won an Oscar for “Glory” from the ‘Selma” soundtrack.

“Oh yeah, for sure…for absolutely sure. We’re gonna have a good time,” confirmed Daniels.

If you’re on an aspirin regimen where you take an aspirin a day in place of it being credited for that thing that “apples” used to do: Keep the doctor away-then unless you watch Dr. Oz) you may take your 1 aspirin at any particular time of the day.

(For the record-he says the best time to take it is 10 p.m. at night).


It’s spiritual almost, like everything has its season.

You know those times like when you want green tomatoes and they are “out of season”—stuff like that (hence my adoration of the celestial/heavens’ consistent order and my giving credence/belief in some things having to do with it and a connection to us terrestrial beings).

Everything has its season and time (for best effect) and although we often do, or have the free will to deviate from tending to and doing things “out of season”, the effect of doing so can almost be like…eating fruit forcefully grown and cultivated “out of season”: just…ripe and tart…You get it, right?

At any rate.

Did you know there were best times to drink water?

Our bodies, minds and spirits are soooooo connected to the heavens and earth.

One of my biggest fantasies and missions in life is to consistently be in the know and be able to adhere to holistic living like such but hey I’m a piggy sometimes :/ and like most of you-I do: when I can, where I can, (when I remember)!

Try remembering this the next time reach for H20:


God not being finished with you yet, or…you have unfinished spiritual business and a karma mission in life to fulfill, perhaps?

Proof that the universe still needs you is this next story about a woman having set herself on fire while in the car and jumping off a bridge.

Don’t try this at home.

She lived (and obviously has a mission in life unfulfilled as yet).

Now git!!!!

Go get (or give) your blessings woman!

Read on:

An Oregon woman is lucky to be alive after setting herself on fire while driving, crashing her car, and then jumping off a bridge, police said Thursday.

The Eugene Police Department received a call of a woman pouring a substance over her body and setting herself on fire while driving on the I-105 highway at the Washington-Jefferson Bridge just before 12:30 p.m. (3:30 p.m. ET).


As police responded, the driver of car crashed into a median and slid before coming to a final stop, Eugene Police Department spokesman John Hankemeier told NBC News.

‘When the police arrived, the car was engulfed in flames,” he said.

The woman, identified as Mary Johanna Gawenda, 39, then got out of the car and jumped off the bridge and fell 40 feet to the ground below, Hankemeier said.

Nearby truck drivers on the bridge attempted to extinguish the flames with fire extinguishers and to stop Gawenda from jumping off the bridge, but were unsuccessful.

“We’re fortunate to live in a community where people would stop and do something like that,” Hankemeier said. “It’s good to know that people still care about others and were willing to help this woman regardless of how dangerous the situation might have appeared.”

Gawenda was taken to an area hospital with what were described as non-life threatening injuries, Hankemeier said. Another woman was taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure after debris fell from the crash fell over (cont’d)

Tweeting and deleting never goes over too well as, no matter what-somebody online will always beat you at that game of “Fastest Finger.”

Take Lindsay Lohan for instance who attended Paris Fashion Week and caught up with Niggas In Paris rapper Kanye West. Low and behold, Lindsay must have gotten either a little too excited and inspired when she tweeted out lyrics to Kanye’s new song “All Day” which included [use of the] ‘N’ word.

Lindsay Tweet

Although she tried deleting the Tweet, her fingers just weren’t fast enough.

A rep for Lohan expressed that she is a friend of Kanye’s and too, did not mean to intentionally offend anyone. In a humble attempt show the world that regardless our sexual origin, religion, or race, we are all the same underneath it all, Lilo posted this meme to express just that.Lindsays post


As well, Lohan was blasted across the Internet for having posted a side-view pic of herself by which she let us all in on her artistic side (somewhat).

Via the badly Photoshopped pic, Lohan adorned herself with a slightly rounder bottom, but what was behind her stole the show:Lindsay

…blurry lines of Lohan proving she aimed, she tried, to sculpt and lift a$$ but it didn’t go over aROUND too well.

Cheeks. Eeks.



Comedian Kathy Griffin who replaced comedian (the late) Joan Rivers on the E! Channel’s Fashion Police, exited the show in style after explaining the segment was not representative of her [style].

Image: Late Night with Seth Meyers - Season 2

Although quite the funny lady (as was Rivers), all things considered—namely, with what just happened on the night of the Oscars where co host Giuliana Rancic made a knee-jerk wise-crack gone over as insult about actress Zendaya Coleman’s hairstyle. The comment sent ripples and shock waves all across social media.


After the discrepancy about who said-she said [what] co-host Kelly Osbourne thought it best that she exit the show and now, Griffin follows Kelly’s footsteps—exiting in her own fashion via an open letter she posted to Twitter. The letter was one such [that] if you didn’t know just who Kathy Griffin is, you will know who she was as, her exit was with a mixture of grace, (style), humility and humor-like only Kathy Griffin can:




In return, E! thanked Griffin for her work on the show and mentioned that the show will still go on (as scheduled March 30). Joan Rivers’ daughter Melissa Rivers will be joining the show’s remaining hosts: Giuliana Rancic and Brad Goreski.


Aww SUE-ki SUE-ki now…

It was just this week that the verdict was read in favor of Marvin Gaye’s estate defending their claims that producer Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke blatantly lifted Gaye’s “Got To Give it Up” for their nearly two year run of the chart-topping smash “Blurred Lines.”nona-gaye--a


If you read my write up on it, then you also saw too, where Robin (individually) was sued for infringing on the copyright of Marvin Gaye’s “After The Dance” for the title track his Robin Thicke’s 2011 album “Love and War.”Pharrel_happy_Hat

Pharrell’s draw of first blood-initially suing Gaye’s estate as a result of their complaining-not legally claiming-that the Blurred Lines hit sounded eerily similar to Marvin Gaye’s hit Got To Give it Up, is now about to get him raked across the coals for more of the same, perhaps.

Yesterday, on Entertainment Tonight, Nona Gaye and Marvin Gaye’s ex-wife Janis sat down with Nischell Turner to discuss the outcome of the verdict (among other things).

pharrell-denies-blurred-lines-copied-marvin-gaye-s-songTurns out (as well) Nona Gaye’s listening ears also caught wind of Pharrell’s hit song “Happy” having eerie similarities as her dad (Marvin Gaye)’s “Aint That Peculiar?”

“I’m not going to lie. I do think they sound alike” said Nona.

But the ex wife was a bit more upfront about it, expressing: “I heard the mash-ups,  but I didn’t really need to hear them. I know ‘Ain’t That Peculiar’ and I’ve heard ‘Happy.’ ”

When asked if they were going to head back to the drawing board, Janis replied: “We’re just in the moment today and we’re satisfied.”


$7.3 is enough to keep everything kosher dill after a kosher deal I’m sure.

I’m willing to bet that (while reports are swirling today) Pharrell and Robin’s lawyers are planning to appeal the $7.3 lawsuit, by the time they get a hold of Nona and Janis’ finger on the trigger of ‘Happy’ vs. “Aint That Peculiar;” Pharrell’s lawyers may want to re-think that appeal. After all, it’s like the saying goes: “Don’t start none-won’t be none.”

They just found out what happened when they drew first blood and started it.

At any rate, listen to the mash-up of Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ and Gaye’s “Aint That Peculiar.”

Peculiar to you or no?

The melody is indeed spot on…but even moreso–Pharrel’s bridge “Cant let nothing bring me down” (that part…is also spot on to Marvin Gaye’s song’s bridge. It blends right in.

Pharrell’s lawyer better chill on the appeal.


It’s a strange irony, this whole Marvin Gaye thing-how, I for one, can vouch for Robin Thicke’s musical grind (having been a fan of his since “When I Get You Alone” back in 2002 through his breakthrough with Lost Without You in 2005).

But his major breakthrough finally happened in 2013 with this Blurred Lines song.marvin-gaye-s-family-sues-robin-thicke-over-blurred-lines

Not only did the title “blurred lines” take on a life all its own: the tug of war whether or not the production was authentic or a copy, but too, Robin’s whole life with his wife Paula went blurry to no more and too, the album he dropped after Blurred Lines didn’t see the light of day past a week.

Similarly it was Robin’s personal rendition of Marvin Gaye’s “Here My Dear” where too, after losing his woman-Marvin wrote and dedicated a whole album to his woman (as did Robin). Robin’s “Paula” flopped-quickly.

As well, remember—was it the Academy Awards/Oscars? We watched Pharrell dance across that stage on that awards show that year–we all could have sworn that Oscar totally belonged to Pharrell (for ‘Happy’/ “Despicable Me”).

Outside of the worldwide praise he received from it-(although nominated several times and winning 4 various awards for it) by comparison to how widely popular and nominated the song was-he couldn’t collect trophies for that song to save his life!

It’s like the Spirit Gods have been all over this thing-forcing (what was done in the dark?) to come to the light.

Aint this peculiar:

Pharrell’s birthday is April 5.

Marvin’s: April 3…

Perhaps Pharrell felt he had some kind of close “connection” to Marvin?

*shrugs shoulders*


In Pharrell’s defense of all this, let’s not get it twisted he has one hell of a catalog and body of work. And two incidents of overzealous inspiration doesn’t change that, yo. He’s still a producing powerhouse. 

Video  —  Posted: March 12, 2015 3:49 pm in (Main Carousel) all blogs on OSF, MY WORD WORTH A BILLION BUCKS & A THOUSAND PICTURES

Some of the most stankiest shish ever went down yesterday. And let me preface this before I say what I’m about to say.

Ok. Life goes on, people in relationships break up, things happen-I know that.

And while (by my observation) this Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj pairing is an odd pairing: you love who you love and can’t help that sometimes. I get that.Nick and Meek

I’m not sold on them as a “power couple” as yet but neither did I see Nicki and her ex Safaree as a “powercouple” either. Hell…I nearly learned she even had a serious boyfriend the same week the social media breakup and fiasco went down.

At any rate.

Over a month ago, I did a complete write up about Nicki [and her now] ex Safaree’s history-which has roots dated back to before Nicki Minaj (Onika Miraj) was “Nicki Minaj.”


And while it was obvious in the interview (that Safaree did with the radio show-as posted in the write-up), he has accepted Nicki moving on with Meek Mill and is in full concentration of trying to get his own rap career off the ground.

All has been quiet on the East Coast front while Safaree’s gone on with full fledge (in all his Instagram greatness) …stuntin’ and unbothered—that is, until he thought he was going to stunt in the hood and boroughs of Brooklyn trying to shoot a video.



The block sure was hot.

It was apparent rumored that Meek sent his goons out to put a stop to SBStunt’s plans on stunting on cam (for his video). That shish got folded real quick when (Meeks?) goons rolled up on him and made him haul ass.

While at a glance, by end story (and looking at the footage) that shish was funny-for only a second.

But actually (in the bigger scheme of things), it’s a stank move-not a boss move.

It is one thing for Nicki to like or love who she loves (someone not even on her career-success level at that). But to permit him to disrespect her ex with whom she has a humble beginnings history with is the grimiest shish ever. And as a man, considering the fact that he’s now with Nick, he should be too unbothered to tend to the little dealings of Safaree “stuntin’.’

Furthermore (if she knew about this or would even give way to letting her new dude THINK it’s okay to disrespect somebody she had over a decade history + business with), I’d be highly concerned about that woman who would allow me to (for starters).Meek Nick Saf

If this punkout was indeed done by Meek Mill’s instruction, it doesn’t make him look like a boss, it makes him look even further beneath the match up of Nicki’s romantic equal and makes Nicki look like a bird downgraded twice.

I hope Meek didn’t do this.

It’s just not “boss”–at all.

Unless that man (Safaree) did some grimey shish to Nicki that we don’t know about or stole money from her or something in which he deserves to get harassed when trying to move on, then so be it. But to just crap on another man trying to do his thing while having accepted ex his moving on is the lowest of the low.

Even Nicki’s “Barbs” were pissed:

Readers going in on Meek

In the greater scheme of things, where everybody in this industry is on Instagram flexin’ (and stuntin), if Meek Mill was at career level success equal too, or above Nicki’s, a move like such (even as mean as it was) would indeed go over as a “boss” move.

But considering Meek is not a Nicki’s career level success as yet, a move like such just makes him look stank and his woman look like a bird and them (as a couple) far from being seen as a “power couple.”

Come on Meek. That was not a power move.

Meek NickThe strange and odd irony is that hood dudes want to be adorned with class and respect but think it’s “live” to do “hood” shish (for show).

I don’t get that.

Go “hood” when you SHOULD not for SHOW.

Make up your mind how you want to be looked at and respected as, yo.

It’s like this: I’m not going to go as far as to say he’s a punk, but Safaree certainly aint a thug, or a goon himself.

A real thug and goon can look in his eyes and know that. I aint even WORTH it. Even he was a thug, I can even respect that move. But damn. I mean-check out his Instagram name. He even changed his name from “SBStunts” to IamSafaree (humbly).

He’s out here now without Nicki. That change is a meek (and humble) move, not a thug move.

And Safaree is no thug. Trying to punk a dude who’s not a thug is as grimey as it gets.

Real men respect other men. They don’t shatter their manhood undeservedly-for show.


P.s. Isn’t this the very SAME ghetto, grimey move and scenario that caused Nicki herself to lose a friend and colleague just last month right?



MEEK: Don’t claim this move!


Culinary Arts is definitely “art,”-the paint and brush is the food, your hands are the tool, and the plate is the canvas.

So who says you can’t make create “breakfast cookies?”

  • Gingerbread
  • Flax Cranberry
  • Quinoa and Goji Berry
  • Carrot Cake
  • Chia Chocolate Chip Oatmeal
  • Vegan Pumpkin
  • Healthy Banana Oatmeal
  • Vegan Everything

sound “breakfasty” enough? Well have a look, (make ’em), smell ’em, then taste ’em!

Go try this at home!